Jetpack Jacob progress – explosions!

I meant to put this progress report up days ago, but real-life commitments took a lot of development time away. I’m happy to now announce that a brand-new mechanic has been added to the game: explosives!

explosives1A new pickup type has been added which will add one explosive to the player’s inventory when picked up.

explosives2The explosives are placed one at a time. After an explosive is placed, it can be detonated at the press of a key. Explosives will damage enemies (and the player!), as well as destroy cracked blocks, opening new sections of the level.

explosives3That’s what I been working on since the last progress update. The next thing to do is work on the menus, adding options such as key rebinding.

It also might be time to find an artist. I’m getting tired of looking at all this programmer art. :)

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