7DRL Progress Update 2

It’s been over 24 hours since I started, and what have I got to show for that time investment? Take a look:early1Click the images for larger versions.

What’s going on in the game so far? The player can move, and the game world only updates when the player is moving or performing some sort of action (such as shooting). This means that bullets, once fired, will hang in the air and only move when the player does!early2Currently, I’ve got a very good start. Movement/physics are probably finished, as well as creating/transitioning between floors. I also have the basics of inventory and items done.

I still need to actually create floors that aren’t simply big empty spaces (so, actually generate floors), and more enemies, add items, finish the inventory management, add leveling,  create the hud, create the title screen balance the game, and add saving/loading. That’s… actually a lot now that I think about it. Tomorrow I’ll work on the floor generation and add more enemies.

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